Japan (2014, 2015)

Japan ArchiveDuring the summer of 2014, I went to Japan with the Japan-U.S. Teacher Exchange Program for ESD (Education for Sustainable Development). That’s a long name! Basically, it was a fellowship run by Fulbright Japan, co-funded by the Japanese government and the U.S. government. The program gathered 24 American teachers and 24 Japanese teachers to visit each other’s countries and learn about inspiring and empowering students to make the world a better place. We visited schools and cultural sites, and met to plan collaborative projects between American and Japanese classrooms. I spent time in Tokyo and the city of Kushiro, on the Northern Island of Hokkaido. The following summer, 2015, I went back on a vacation and visited with several of the Japanese teachers that I met the summer before.

Posts from our Preparation Conference in San Francisco:

Posts from Japan, 2014:


Posts from Japan, 2015: 


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    • Yes, I love to travel. It’s a lot of fun! Sometimes there are hard parts, but those moments usually end up being the ones that I remember as big learning experiences. And every time I travel, I get to experience new things, which I love. Today, for example, I tried shark meat for the first time! Even though it wasn’t my favorite, it was something I never thought I would try! So, that’s really exciting for me.

  1. whenever i go on trips i dont like doing the same thing everytime or going to the same place i like to explore and try different things

    • I like to try knew things also, unless I’m not too sure about it! I’ve never been as far away from the states as Japan.

  2. Even though I dont like traveling outside of the country, its really cool how we can come along on your travels with our computers! it probably was very difficult for you to communicate to the japanese people because you speak different languages

  3. I enjoy browsing on your posts. Thank you for sharing your experiences of your trip to Japan with us. Especially, the Sushi part. I love Sushi!

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