What makes a happy year?

Happy new year! When we look back over the last year, we tend to focus on the big stuff. What changes took place? What adventures did we have?

Inari 6

For me, when I think about 2015, the highlight that stands out is definitely hiking into the crater of the Ijen Volcano on the island of Java, in Indonesia. I will never forget what it felt like to be there.

Even though it’s those big events that stand out, I know that it’s the little moments that matter most. Sharing a laugh with a student. Giving a hug to a friend during a rough time. Just being with people I love. Those moments might not be as memorable, but added together, those are the ones that make up our lives. This year, I got to watch my niece turn 2.

What little moments will fill 2016? Last summer in Japan, it wasn’t the lights of Tokyo or the beautiful temples that made the trip so special. It was spending time with friends like Ishida Sensei, who showed me around his hometown. It was seeing how much pride he feels in his city. Here’s to many more little moments of connection, close to home or far away.


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  1. The crater looks amazing! Ijen Volcano is definitely on my list of places to go. Also, Darwin looks super cute, 🙂 and I agree that your experience in Japan is truly memorable.
    It’s so true that it’s the little things that make up the most of our years, and in the end, those are the moments that we treasure the most. I’m glad that you had a great time in 2015! 🙂 I certainly enjoyed reading about your experiences.

    Happy New Year Ms. Krakauer!

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