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Sara Krakauer

Sara Krakauer is proud to call herself a global educator, and she is working to increase global competencies for youth around the world. Sara has traveled to 48 countries across the globe, and she works to incorporate these experiences into her classroom teaching. She also aims to support other teachers in globalizing their classrooms without going abroad.

Sara participated in the pilot year of the Teachers for Global Classrooms program, funded by the U.S. Department of State.  This website was developed for that fellowship and sharing her experience in Ukraine and Turkey in April of 2012, but she has expanded on this work since. Today, incorporates many travel experiences, such as Sara’s work in China mentoring high school students with Global Leadership Adventures and her participation in the Japan US Teacher Exchange Program for Education for Sustainable Development. Sara also features guest posts from members of her school community who have global experiences, and she is working to get more teachers at her school engaged in service learning and partnerships with international classrooms.

Sara has been teaching social studies at Innovation Academy Charter School since 2003. She is thrilled to spend her days working in project-based classes with 10-12 year olds, exploring world geography, culture, and American history. Sara has served as a mentor teacher with the New Teachers Collaborative, and has had leadership roles among her colleagues supporting the school’s advisory program and the social studies curriculum alignment throughout the middle school.

Prior to making the leap into charter school teaching, Sara taught in several private and alternative settings. She taught American students traveling out of the classroom, as well as students in India and Mali. She is a graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy, and she is passionate about storytelling, social justice, cooperative living, and service learning. Even as an avid traveler, Sara also considers herself a homebody who enjoys fostering community and enjoying the sites of Massachusetts. She is equally comfortable at urban street festivals and hiking in the mountains.  In addition to teaching, Sara also works as a professional balloon artist.

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9 thoughts on “Sara Krakauer

  1. Abigail Kelsey on said:

    Hi, Ms. Krakauer! I love your website! I never knew you are a professional balloon artist! That’s really cool!

  2. Your awesome miss krakauer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Ella C. on said:

    hi you have treveled to 36 countres wow

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  6. Hello! Excited to hear from you at this week’s Webinar for TGC! I was interested, looking at your links from other fellows in the initial year, to see that your site is one of the few that is still updated today.
    – Natasha

  7. J (JIYONG) LEE on said:

    Very cool and intuitive that you are not only sharing the pictures but also the stories of the places. Keep travelling and keep us posted for good causes. You really are amaizing 🙂 – your Afrika travel buddy, J

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