Caring for our planet

takes more than a village

Follow the journey of one teacher working to foster global citizenship, from a classroom and beyond.


Whether you are a student, teacher, or just an awesome community member, there are many resources here to help you learn what it means to be a globally competent person. Get started here.


Follow teacher and traveler Sara Krakauer by checking out hundreds of blog entries that will give you a taste of many places around the world, and you don’t even need to get on an airplane.


If you are a teacher, the Global Education Resource Guide will give you lots of ideas for how to bring this work to your classroom. You will hopefully find something to inspire a new project or strategy.

About Innovation On Earth

Sara Krakauer has more than twenty years of teaching experience, with most of that time spent at Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. She originally developed this website in 2012, as part of the Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms program. Since then, she has been using this site to give others a new view of their place on this planet. Through resources for teachers, students, and members of our larger community, this site hopes to inspire others to reach out beyond borders. How we can all become better global citizens? Come in and explore!


Somerville, Massachusetts USA