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China Trips (2012, 2013)

ChinaSummer 2012 Trip:

During the summer of 2012, I worked for an organization called Global Leadership Adventures. I spent 7 weeks in China, mostly based in and around Beijing. I was leading groups of English speaking high school students who were visiting China to learn about the country’s unique history, experience the culture, do some service learning, and learn the language Mandarin. The posts below are organized chronologically and the titles tell about the theme of each post. Click around and experience the journey alongside me!

2013 Trip of Melissa Kapeckas:

Mrs. Kapeckas, Innovation Academy’s Middle School Principal, participated in an administrator exchange in China during the spring of 2013. She visited a school in Handan and several other very special places, and an administrator from her partner school visited IACS the following fall. Here are her blog entries:

13 thoughts on “China Trips (2012, 2013)

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  3. marissa on said:

    i cant believe that you actually go on all these trips.Its so cool!!

  4. Marissa P on said:

    I would love to see The Great China Wall in person! It would be so cool! Would love to do what you did!

  5. Marissa P on said:

    really cool!

  6. justin r on said:

    justin r

    i would love to go to china i would love to see great to wall of china.It also be very exciten to see a new culture.

  7. Ella C. on said:

    what do they eat in china. what is it like in beijing

  8. elsa v. on said:

    i wanna go to china -_-

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