Loki on the Great Wall?

Will Loki like the Great Wall of ChinaSome of you might be worried that this blog is asleep, but have no fear. More entries are coming!  In addition to upcoming posts about life at Innovation Academy and around Boston, I will be bringing Innovation to China this summer!  Through a service learning program called Global Leadership Adventures, I will be mentoring high school students from across the United States and Europe as they explore Chinese culture this summer.  Among other adventures, students will be studying the Mandarin language, volunteering with youth, and visiting historic sites in Beijing and Shanghai. Through these experiences, they will grow as leaders, communicators, risk takers, and community members.  I hope you will join us on this journey by following on the blog!  Imagine how great Loki will look on the Great Wall of China.  Until then, check out some photos of her experiences in Ukraine and Turkey.  She is one lucky bird!  (This is all assuming that the Chinese government grants me a visa. I have to send them my Passport this week along with an intimidating application.)

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  1. According to my web statistics, this blog has been viewed in 14 countries this week! If you are reading from another country (outside of the USA) please comment and tell readers where you come from.

  2. this is so cool Ms. Krakauer!!

    it’s so cool that so many people from so many different countries are visiting your blog Ms. Krakauer!! that’s not something that happens everyday!!
    it also feels so exciting to have someone from America visit China!!
    what do you think the Great Wall will feel and be like? what do you think China is like right now? (in other words, what is your prediction?)
    i can give you some feedback and help if you need any. my parents can too!!
    i’m DEFINITELY going to see what happens when you get to China!!
    can’t wait to see you and Loki at the Great of China!!

    😉 anna

  3. Yes do take a picture of Loki on the Great Wall of China! I have never seen the Wall. Please take lots of pics! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Ms. Krakauer? when (as in, which month? and/or on which day?) are you going to Beijing and Shanghai?
    my mom might meet you at Beijing and Shanghai because she’s going there for a trip! (somewhere in June, i think.)

    • I’ll be in China from June 26 – August 13, mostly in Beijing. I’ll visit Shanghai on two different trips, but I’m not sure of the exact dates yet. That’s fun that your mom and I might overlap. Keep me posted!

      • Ms. Krakauer,

        sadly, my mom says that she’s going to leave China on June 23rd. i don’t think she’s going to be able to see you. 😥
        however! my mom says she can still help you even though she won’t see you!!
        also however! you might see some of my friends there!
        here’s the name of my friends in case you see them in a school(s):

        – Gao Xinhui
        – Liu Ziyue
        – Zhang Ling

        p.s. they are typed in Han Yu Pin Yin, which is the sound of each of Chinese Characters.

        i hope you have a nice time in China!
        😉 anna

  5. Hello Ms. Krakauer:

    This blog is so great! We enjoy all the posts.

    Have a great trip to China. If you ever decide to go to South America, let us know and we’d be happy to connect you with some very hospitable family members.


    • Thanks – I’d love to go back to South America. In 2005, I had a wonderful trip to Peru. There’s currently a group in Brazil with Teachers for Global Classrooms. I’ve been following their blogs a bit and it looks beautiful! Thanks for a great year and for everything you’ve done for our homebase. Happy summer!

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