Superheroes Needed: Connection in the Age of Corona

It’s a scary time, but I just got off of a video chat with the students in my advisory and I feel just a little more hopeful. Finding ways to connect is so important. Normally pre-teens complain about school a lot, but everyone just wants to come back now. Schools are not meant to be empty. Empty Halls

We’re all doing our best to get through each day. Live video is awesome — so far this week, I went to a virtual yoga class, sing-along, open-mic birthday party, guided meditation, and a concert. It’s not quite the same as seeing people in person, but it’s the closest we can get right now. At my friend’s birthday party, we all did a one-minute sketch of her, and it was a blast. Sharing Pictures

Every time I get outside for a walk, I am reminded how important it is to get fresh air. It’s raining today, but even a few minutes outside can be healing, so maybe I’ll go stomp in some puddles. Yesterday’s sun was divine.Flowers

My husband and I have also been doing a lot of cooking.Cooking

And artwork is so healing. I stumbled across this chalk art yesterday at a public park (don’t worry — I stayed far from other people). I love it so much.Art

What are you doing to keep sane and happy? My students and I decided to meet up again tomorrow, via video chat. We gave ourselves a challenge, just for fun — everyone is going to draw a superhero who can defeat this virus. Tomorrow we’ll share them via video.90387981_10156851191607127_2227511979784798208_n

Want to join us? Send in your own superhero pictures by 3 pm on Friday, March 20th. I’ll try to post some here once I get them in. We could also use a good superhero just about now.

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