Goodbye Tofu San!

A dear friend, Tofu San, is currently on his way to Japan, perhaps flying above the ocean this very minute. He is packed away in a box, after spending a whole year hanging out in our classroom. He had a great visit to Massachusetts.Tofu San smelling the Flowers

One year ago around this time, I was getting ready to head to Japan, where Omi Sensei gave me Tofu San. Omi Sensei is a Japanese teacher who has sent Tofu San all over the world. He has even been to Australia back in 2006! I am so grateful that Omi Sensei let us have Tofu San for a while. Here’s a photo of me and Omi and Tofu San last June in Tokyo:

For most of the year, Tofu San explored Innovation Academy. He got to see all the parts of the school, from the front desk to our new track and field. He even visited our school’s beautiful pond.

The students had a lot of fun getting to know Tofu San! Last week, they got him involved in some silliness during our spirit week.

Some students also took him on vacation throughout the year. Tommy took Tofu San to New Hampshire, Braxton took him to Maine, and Alyssa took him all the way to Florida. These students helped write in Tofu San’s journal so that others can see where he’s been.

Now Tofu San is heading back to Japan to go on a class trip with Omi Sensei and her students. We hope that they will send us photos of Tofu San on his next adventures. We also sent over a little surprise for our friends in Japan. Here is hint #1: Tofu San with a picture of our school mascot, the Red Tailed Hawk.

Tofu San with the Squak HawkHere is hint #2: A photo Flat Hawk with the Terracotta Warriors in China.

Omi Sensei — You guessed it. Flat Hawk is coming your way! He went to China with our principal, Mrs. Kapeckas, and now he’s coming to Japan. Please take him on some adventures with Tofu San.

Sayonara Tofu San! You will be missed very much. Innovation Academy loves you.

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  1. Hi Ms. Krakauer!
    Sorry I haven’t been checking here a lot, I haven’t had a lot of free time since high school started. But I’m happy that Tofu San had a great time at Innovation! It’s so cool to connect with another teacher from abroad!
    P.S. Is that Emily’s mural in one of the pictures? It looks great!

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