Dominican Sun, Beaches, and Chocolate

Today, I presented to my students about my trip to the Dominican Republic. After I showed the last post about very poor families and their homes, one student, Mariana, raised her hand and asked, “But did you stay in a nice place?” Great question! Yes, I did! I also dined in some lovely places.

Sosua Beach

Sosua Beach

When Mariana asked that question, I realized that I have been writing about the culture and way of life so much, I haven’t talked enough about the beauty and all the reasons why tourists go to the DR. Most tourists go because of the beaches!

I did spend a bunch of time on the water, of course. I’m not a big resort person, but instead chose to stay in two small bed and breakfasts. Both were lovely. Garden by the Sea was a new place close to the beach between two fun beach towns, Sosua and Cabarete. It was a perfect get away:

In Santo Domingo, I stayed in an equally lovely place, Casa Sanchez, right near the Zona Colonial. I’d never heard of a welcome drink before coming to the Dominican Republic, but I think all hotels should offer this! Here are some photos of Casa Sanchez:

Most tourists who go to the Dominican Republic focus on the fun stuff. They buy jewelry with the local stone of the DR, called Larimar. It’s very beautiful. Larimar

Many tourists also enjoy the delicious Dominican food. The DR is known for its chocolate, and I very much enjoyed a visit to Santo Domingo’s Chocolate Museum. I got to see a cacao plant, learn about the process of making chocolate, and even try a bar of 100% chocolate (no sugar or milk at all — quite gross actually)!

All in all, there are many opportunities to feel pampered in the Dominican Republic. In addition to learning a lot, I also got a chance to relax and enjoy myself too.

Sunset in Cabarete

Sunset in Cabarete

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