Tofu San’s Adventures at Lake Winnipesaukee

Tofu San at LakeThe students at Innovation Academy miss Tofu San very much, even though they know he is happy having adventures in Japan. Thanks to my friend Omi Sensei, I got to visit with Tofu San this summer, in Tokyo and Koyasan. Luckily, my students no longer need to be lonely! I was able to find Tofu San Jr.! He’s a brand new buddy that we are keeping in our classroom, so that he can continue to go on adventures in the United States. In fact, one of our sixth grade students, Jack, took Tofu San on his first weekend adventure for Labor Day, an American holiday celebrating the workers of our country. Here’s Jack’s tale of Tofu San’s visit to New Hampshire.

* * * * * * *

in the carTofu San began his adventure at my Meme’s house in Lowell, Massachusetts. We took a little swim in the pool (on the tube, of course). Then, after that, we packed the car to get ready to leave. He met many stuffed animal friends in the car.

When we arrived at our house on Lake Winnipesaukee, my cousins were there. We immediately went to the Town Docks, our favorite restaurant. It’s a seafood restaurant that is almost entirely docks

After that, we went on a sculpture walk and Tofu San slayed the dragon (fly).dragon fly

Then we went to the lake for a boat ride.boat

We had lots of fun and Tofu San even got to drive.driving boat

After that, we went out for ice cream. The ice cream stand we went to was closing the same day, for the season. It was the last day of being open, so everything was cheap. We got there 5 hours before it cream

After that, we drove back to the lake house and took Tofu San for a hike in the woods behind our house. We know a special spot to get to the lake where nobody else goes, behind a giant rock.lake

We then went to the town beach and Tofu San played lifeguard.lifeguard

He also went on the swings at the playground.Swings

Overall, me and Tofu San had a great time at my lake house.

~Jack C.

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  1. Aw, it’s so cute how there’s a Tofu San Jr.! I’m glad you and Tofu San had a great time at Lake Winnipesaukee, it really is a great place.
    Love the picture of Tofu San Jr. and the lobster!


    • Jack-san, thank you thank you very much for telling us about Tofu-san’s junior’s adventure! We are very surprised to know there is another Tofu-san travelling around. And so excited to see your photos! We’ll study about the lake where you and Tofu-san junior had fun together. It looks very beautiful place.

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