Second Time’s a Charm in Tokyo

It’s very hot and humid in Tokyo. I can’t keep sunscreen on my body because it melts off with sweat. As I walk around outside, I’m always looking for cold treats and shady places to rest (at this spot, mist sprayed down on us from the canopy):

Even though August apparently isn’t the best time for a visit to Japan, I am so grateful to have made it back. Here are a few of the reasons why I love this country:

#1: Fabulous People

Last summer, I met the most generous and kind group of people. Our program, focused on ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) brought us together to talk about how to use classrooms to inspire our planet’s future leaders. Getting to see some of the amazing people I met last summer made the trip worth it already!Lunch

#2: Futuristic Experiences

Where else can you take a boat that looks like a spaceship? I kept thinking we would take off!

As we soared down the river on our mini Tokyo cruise, I loved seeing all the architecture that looks like we entered a time machine to the future. On the left, you can see the Tokyo Skytree, which is one of the tallest towers in the world.

SkyTree Etc.Even the subway stations are modern and funky.Mark City

#3: Food!

I want to order everything! In many restaurants, there are plastic models of all the dishes in the front, so it makes you even more hungry!

#4: Fun Everywhere

Sure, there are lots of busy businessmen and women in Tokyo, but there are also lots of places to have fun. Want to go to the beach? Go to an arcade with an entire floor of claw machines? Get your photo taken in the most trendy, hipster photobooth you can imagine? You can do all that in Tokyo.

#5: Finding Surprises Around Every Corner

It’s easy to get lost in Tokyo. We were lucky to stay in an Air BnB apartment that provided us with a “Pocket Wifi” device. Just stick it in your pocket and get wifi everywhere – very helpful for Google Maps! It’s so fun to explore, because you never know what you will find down any road.

You might even see the Statue of Liberty! A strange sight in Tokyo, but I’ve learned never to be surprised here.

Statue of Liberty

The best part of being back here is feeling how small our world really is. The sunset in Japan is just as beautiful as the sunset on the other side of the planet. SunsetAnd in this day and age, it’s possible to have friends all over the world. Here I am with some of my Japanese friends and three other travelers: Loki, Flat Hawk, and Tofu San. These little guys may seem like toys, but they’ve each traveled the world and served as a symbol for how connected we all really are.

ESD Friends

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  1. That is awesome. Everything looks like it should be in the future. I love how they also have a Statue of Liberty. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Tokyo looks beautiful! It’s great how things are made so convenient for you there, like the “Pocket Wifi” device, along with the many other advanced technology there. I love how the people there are so kind!
    It’s interesting how there’s a Statue of Liberty in Japan too. I wonder what if it has the same meaning to them as it does to us Americans? It’d be cool if it does!

    Have fun!

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