Two Tofu Sans!

Tofu San has been busy! Luckily there are two Tofu Sans! Here’s the original one who now lives in Japan with Omi Sensei and her students:

And here’s Tofu San Jr. who now lives in the United States with Ms. Krakauer and his other friends at Innovation Academy:At IACS

There’s one very small difference between the two Tofu Sans. Can you spot it?

The original Tofu San recently went on a trip to the United Kingdom with Omi Sensei! While he was in the lake district in England, he got to hang out with Peter Rabbit in the place where Beatrix Potter used to live. He sure is a lucky tofu!

Peter Rabbit 4Peter Rabbit 1Peter Rabbit 2Pater Rabbit 3

Back in the United States, 5th grader Michele took Tofu San home this past weekend. In describing her time with Tofu San Jr., she said, “This weekend Tofu San had many adventures in and around Dracut. He had fun meeting new friends and playing around at the grocery store near my house and then we also took him to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Manchester, New Hampshire to see Clydesdale horses. My favorite part of it was when we got home and he got to sit with my cat.”

Omi Sensei, Tofu San Sr., and her students are following Tofu San Jr.’s adventures. Check out the posters below that Omi made to show her students.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.18.07 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.18.20 PM

Is that a Hello Kitty Tofu San?! If you want to say hi to our friends in Japan, comment on this blog entry with questions or comments for Omi Sensei and her students.

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    • Hello, Astrid!We are very happy to hear from you \(^^)/We have 6 classes a day from Monday to Friday.
      The subjects are Japanese, math,science, social studies, English ,PE,music,home economics and art.
      We have 4 English classes a week.We study with the English textbook.But what we enjoy the most is writing letters in English, singing songs in English and following Sara – sensei ’ s blog,’Innovation on Earth ’.

      • That’s really interesting! I think that home economics would be a fun class, but instead we have health class. I’m sad we don’t have Japanese as one of our classes
        (´;︵;`) I really hope to visit Japan some day, so I take Japanese lessons outside of school!

  1. Hello, my name is Anna!

    Even though I no longer go to Innovation Academy, I would still like to ask Omi Sensai and her students a couple questions:

    How would you describe a typical day at school in Japan? If you are a student, how do you usually get around (especially when you go to school)? Do you walk, ride a bicycle, take the subway, or use a different type of transportation?


    • Dear Anna
      Thank-you for your mail \(^^)/Do you go to school by school bus? We were surprised to see that many schools have school buses in America. Basically we go to the nearest public school to our house, so most of us walk to school. Some students whose houses located a little bit far from school come to school by bike . In case of private schools, they use many kinds of transportation!

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