Tofu San Made It to Japan!

Great news! Our plush friend, Tofu San, arrived safely in Japan. He spent a little over a week in that postal shipping box, but made it unharmed, along with his new friend, Flat Hawk. Wall AnnouncementMy teacher friend Omi Sensei has agreed to take Flat Hawk on her class trip to Kyoto along with Tofu San. Omi Sensei also sent some photos from Tofu San’s return to Japan, which I posted up on the wall outside my classroom today. When we hear from Tofu San and Flat Hawk after their visit to Kyoto, I’ll post again. In addition, since it’s also the last week of school, there’s lots of news coming to the blog. Check back soon!

Thank you Omi Sensei and students! We love seeing these photos.

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  1. Yay! Tofu San made it home safely with Flat Hawk! The photos are so sweet.
    Can’t wait to hear more! 🙂


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