Greatest Wall of All

Today, we visited the Great Wall of China, a structure so large that it can be seen from space. There are many different estimates about the length of the wall, but it curves around so much that its length is easily twice the distance between Massachusetts and California.

It was an amazing day, even though we had to climb hundreds of steps and were all dripping with sweat.The air here is so humid that even if the sun isn’t blaring down, it still feels very hot.  I didn’t realize how high the wall really is!  It took close to an hour to get onto the wall in the first place.

I didn’t make the journey alone.  Here are some photo highlights of some friends I climbed with / inflated:

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  1. This is soo cool! I learned about this in my 7th grade social studies unit. There were THOUSANDS of slave workers for the emperor building the wall and many died. He was a prosperous emperor but also evil, as he enjoyed watching people put to death…. by slow and painful torture. He built the great wall to protect china, which it overall did. He also had a huge underground army made of clay and stone for his tomb. People were actually LOCKED into the tomb to protect his riches and underground city (which included stone people (each person was different) horses, rivers and lakes with things like copper in the water!) He wanted to live forever and ate poisons and searched for magical mushrooms on mountains, and the ELIXIR OF LIFE (bum bum bum!) !! He ended up dying… probably because of the poisons he drank. He actually never intended to use his tomb city because he thought he wasn’t going to die. If you want to learn more about the tomb, look up Terracotta Army.

    -Edith (who loved this unit)

  2. Today is the first day that I was able to see your blog – incredible!! China looks amaying, the photos are beautiful. I can´t wait to read more and see more photos. Love to you from Berlin!

  3. wow! i new the wall was giant i didn’t know how giant! And it looks very tall too! I bet the view must be amazing! Have fun in china! 🙂 😀

  4. cool! I never would of thought the Great wall of China would take almost a hour to climb. It must be very tall. Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit to China!!

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