Water Cube to London

One of the major modern tourist attractions in Beijing is the Olympic Park from the 2008 Summer Games.  A few weeks ago, I visited the National Stadium (known as the Bird’s Nest) and the National Aquatic Center (known as the Water Cube) with the last group.  It was really great to see them up close, but we didn’t go inside. Today, in honor of the start of the 2012 games, we went inside the Water Cube, and got the nighttime experience.

The Olympics brought a lot of attention to China four years ago.  People around the world starting arguing about China’s pollution, and the Chinese government shut down many factories for several weeks to improve the air quality. China built new subway lines, buildings and parks to welcome all the visitors to Beijing.  China was on display, and they wanted to show their best side.  As the Olympics starts yet again, we see each country trying to show their best side. And I have to wonder — are we seeing the truth? Or is it all a big game?

However you are viewing these Olympic games, I hope you enjoy the upcoming competition. Many of these athletes from around the world are role models for people all over the planet.  Even though they are proud of their home countries, they are representing something bigger. And perhaps that is the essence of true global citizenship.

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  1. so the water cube is where the Olympic swimming pool is? What was the big wavy shaped pool? I combined two of your sentences as quotes:
    And perhaps that is the essence of true global citizenship. Or is it all a big game?

    We should cheer for everybody in the Olympics, not just the USA! O.k… we can hope the USA will win, all I’m saying is that we should acknowledge the other countries hard work and training too. I think that excepting that the USA isn’t the best at everything is a sort of global citizenship.

    • finally someone said it!! On channel seven, all they show are the events the USA are in. I want to see some other compertions too! -_-

      • They sometimes show others too. Like in the woman gymnastics, last night they also showed some of Russia, China, and (obviously) the USA.

      • That is because since NBC (The Channel that shows the Olympics) Bought the rights to show the Olympics, watching the Olympics has never been the same. 😦


    I’ve never been there, but I’d ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO someday!!!! You’re SO lucky to have been there Ms. Krakauer!!!!
    You’re pictures are great!! There’s so much blue!! But I think my favorite one is the one with the Water Park in it. Did you go in there?
    Hmm…. I hadn’t really thought about the countries not telling the truth, Ms. Krakauer …. hmm….
    Maybe Ms. Krakuaer!! It just might be true global citizenship!!
    Say, what’s you’re favorite Olympic sport(s) Ms. Krakauer?? My favorite sports are swimming and biking.

    In 2008, I went to the Bird’s Nest with my dad. We watched the Marathon Olympic in there!! It was really cool!! But we watched the other Olympics on TV.
    When we got out of the Bird’s Nest, I played in the water fountains on the ground. The water fountains on the ground even made cool patterns!! It was a lot of fun!! I was all wet afterwards, but it was worth it.

    Best Wishes!!
    😉 ~ Anna

  3. You must be lucky to be there! I so badly want to go to london SO BADLY!!!!
    – Hailey B M 🙂 🙂

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