The Art of Paper and Pen

Over the past month since I arrived in China, I’ve had the opportunity to try out several forms of Chinese art: seal carving, calligraphy, knotting, and paper cutting.  Interestingly, they all have to do with paper and/or pen, and they all date back hundreds of years in China.  I encourage all of you readers to look these up and try them yourselves at home! They are all beautiful forms of art.

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  1. Wow!!

    I think the paper cutting one is the best!! I’m planning on trying it at home!! The seal carving was really cool too!! I think I’m gonna look it up online to see how it’s done.
    I can write Chinese characters, but I haven’t learned how to write them with paintbrushes!! Maybe I’ll try that soon …
    The pen looks really cool after it’s been knotted, can you still write with that pen, or are you not supposed to?
    I think the shop where the man was selling calligraphy brushes was great!! Nice analogy with Harry Potter choosing his wand, Ms. Krakauer. Have your read the books or seen the movies? They’re really good!!!!
    Is the photo in the modern art slide the paint on the wall? Or is it something else?Did someone do graffiti on that wall?

    Best Wishes!!
    😉 ~ Anna

  2. We did that on our Ptmouth Plantation Field trip last year in October. That field trip was ausome! I wish I could do it agian! Shortly after the field trip the cafeteria and eating part of it got caught on fire and was burnt down 😦 ! I t is fixed now but will never be the same:(. –
    Hailey 🙂

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