It’s easy to think that there’s only one right way.  I often think that things that I’m used to back home are just “normal” everywhere.  Yesterday, I saw a guy on the side of the road with a pet turtle on a leash, and today I saw a cat on a leash. I had to laugh at both because it was so unusual for me.  I’m used to seeing dogs on leashes, but it’s a strange sight to see other animals like this. It made me stop and think — is my perspective correct?

Over the past few days, I’ve been touring around Shanghai with our second group of students.  My view of the city is vastly different the second time around.  Seeing something for the first time makes all of my senses come alive. I notice things differently, and I am so busy looking around that I can barely focus on anything else.  Returning here, I am starting to notice different things about the city, and I’ve also had more time to focus on other things, like conversations with others and shopping.

Shanghai is a massive city, and I have been seeing it from a number of different perspectives.  No matter which view, visiting Shanghai feels like going into the future.  Here’s the view from just below the World Financial Center (the building on the left).  The building on the right is shorter, even though it looks taller.

Here’s the view from the top of the World Financial Center, pictured above on the left.  Last time we went, it was very cloudy (see that post here). We got a clear day this time around.  Wow!  Notice below the lighted up building in the front — that’s the building on the right in the picture above.

Finally, here’s a view from across the river, taken a few hours ago:

Which view is the best? In my opinion, the world is a more beautiful place with multiple perspectives.

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  1. I have cats that I occasionally put on leashes, but never did I expect a turtle! Your right. Things do look different in different perspectives. For instance: today our hamster went missing. We looked all over the house but couldn’t find him! Then I noticed that we were looking in places where WE would hide, not a hamster! I started crawling down on my knees, making up a little story of where he would have gone ( in part of it he climbed into the dogs food bowl and stole some of the food). After a bit of crawling (and dusty hair from small corners) I found him. He was in a tiny crack behind a guest bed! I hadn’t checked there before because it was so mall to me! For him, it must have been a warm cozy mansion with extra dust included ;).

  2. This is SO cool!!

    I’m pretty worried about the turtle and the cat. Are they comfortable on the leashes? Also, that cat looks like the cat you took a picture of in this blog post: “A Nation of Nations.”
    Maybe the perspective someone sees feels correct to them, but not correct to others. So there’s probably not really a right or a wrong. I have no idea which perspective is the best though.
    Why do you think your view of Shanghai is different when you come to Shanghai a second time? Why do you think you notice things differently?
    I think you’re photo of the 2 buildings is a great way to show perspective!
    The photo of the view is amazing! The building that had seemed so tall before looks really small now!
    But I think you’re last picture was the best!! Were you in a boat when you took that picture? Or were you on the other side of the river? If you were in a boat, were you in one of the boats that had those bright colorful lights like the ones in you’re picture? Are those boats cruise ships??

    Best Wishes!!
    😉 ~ Anna

    • Don’t worry about the cat! I have a leach like that for my cats too, they don’t care. Actually its good for the cat! In busy cities like Beijing, people have small living spaces. The pets don’t get much exercise. If you can walk them with a leash, they do! My parents used to takes walks with our cats just like people do with dogs.

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