Above and Below Ground

Loki visits the 100th floor (above the empty space of the “bottle opener”)

During most of our lives, we move around just above the surface of the planet. There’s something magical about going way ABOVE ground and deep BELOW ground, and I’ve done both of these in the past few days. It kind of makes a person feel like a bird or an earthworm, going places that human beings don’t usually get to go.

The World Financial Center is taller than the Empire State Building!

In Shanghai, I went up to the 100th floor of the World Financial Center, which is the highest observatory in the world.  Even though the weather was very foggy, it was still an amazing experience to be so high. The video below shows what it was like:

You can see the path we traveled here, going deeper and deeper underground.

After our time in Shanghai, we arrived yesterday in the countryside outside of Beijing. One of our first stops was to the Shi Hua Caves.  These amazing underground treasures are naturally formed. There were some artificial lights to make the experience more magical, but the stalactites and stalagmites were created by nature.  We went down deeper and deeper, traveling for well over an hour down the wet stairs.  The reward was well worth the journey.

Have you ever been far above or below ground? Tell us the stories!

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  1. This is really cool!!

    I never knew about the Observatory, what did you think of it at first when you were only looking up at it?
    I thought the view looked great!! It’s really cool that you were in the clouds!!
    In the elevator, why were there different-colored lights flashing? Were they just for effect/fun? When you were at the top, I noticed that many people were looking down at the ground. Was the ground like a window or something? What was the sparkling object supposed to do?
    The model of the city was really cool!! Do they always have the fireworks on at night?
    I think the photos of the Shi Hua Caves were awesome!! The colors just made it look better!!

    I’ve been really above before. In Toronto, Canada, my family and I went to a really tall tower, I forget what it was called though. The view was awesome!! There was even a glass floor, and you could see the distance between you and the ground. (I think I remember that the glass could hold 14 hippos.) The glass was kind of scary at first, but then it was super awesome!!!!
    I also went in a hot air balloon at a local carnival when I was 5. The view was incredible!!!! But I had to block my ears with my hands because the fire (that was giving the balloon it’s energy) was super loud!! I haven’t been on a hot air balloon in a long time. So, I don’t know, maybe I’ll be used to the sound now.
    But the lowest I’ve been underground was the subway!!

    Enjoy your time!!
    😉 ~ Anna

    • Wow — the hot air balloon experience sounds really neat. Thanks for your comments, Anna, as always. Yes, the floor of the observatory was glass — very cool! And I think the spirals and flashing lights were just for effect. It worked, right? Very fun place to visit!

  2. I went to the summit of Mt. Hood and it was incredible. There was snow everywhere and people were skiing, yet it was warm enough to wear tank tops and shorts! It was a great day and from the the place we were standing you could see for miles! LOTS of miles. In the far distance you could make out a tiny sparkling lake, with a teeny tiny black speck, that was a ferry. We had taken a LONG chair lift to the top and then we were free to wander. The air was thin and it felt clean. I loved it.

  3. I love those colors so much in the cave. The highest I’ve ever bin is on the manta ray in florida @Seaworld.

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