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We have arrived in Shanghai: a modern, Cosmopolitan metropolis (where unfortunately our hotel also has much slower internet access). It’s great to be here, and last night we went up to the 100th floor of the World Financial Center and had clear weather.  Photos coming soon!

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Back in Beijing, our students and staff participated in a photo contest, and we need your help.  At the Summer Palace, we all picked a category out of a hat, and set off to take a photograph showing that theme. Which is the best? Vote here by August 9th so our winner can get a prize!

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    • ooohh. hard choice. i could barely decide between “old and young” or “colors” I went with colors in the end. I love them all!!

  1. Same here Edith!!

    Also, Ms. Krakauer, what kind of boat was that? (Colors photo.) Was it a boat that only rich people went on? Or could anyone go on it? Did you go on it? If so, was it fun?
    I wonder how old the tree is in the Young and Old photo … how old do YOU think it is Ms. Krakauer?
    And was the Texture photo taken at the Forbidden City?

    Have fun!!
    😉 ~ Anna

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