Acrobatics and Circus Arts

Chinese acrobats are legendary, but have you heard of Chinese balloon twisters?  Apparently, there aren’t that many.  That’s why one of my balloon twisting friends, Paul, decided to set up a branch of his business in Beijing. He’s working to bring more balloon art to China, and we met up today for lunch and a trip to a local market. It was fun to catch up and chat about his local work as a balloon artist.  Afterwards, I decided to check out a show of Chinese acrobatics.  While a lot of these tricks look very modern, they are based on Chinese arts that are hundreds of years old. I was very impressed with the tricks that are possible with just the human body. Here’s a little taste of the amazing feats that they make look so easy. Think how much cooler this art could be with giant balloon sculptures incorporated into their tricks? Maybe that’s the future of Chinese acrobatics!

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  1. That show looked amazing! Some of those things looked really dangerous! That must have been amazing to watch!

  2. I love all that stuff that they did they are super talented! I’d love love love love(ect. ect.) to do all that

  3. W.O.W!! it looks like some of the performances were telling a story. I saw something similar to this in a theater when i was much younger.

  4. That is so awesome. Well I will never out bmx them! And to think, I am seeing this on video, but you saw this live.

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