Service That is Fun and Useful

Today is departure day for our students.  Some are already flying off to their next destination, while others are resting up before they take off soon.  It’s been an amazing three weeks, and our staff team here at GLA China is gearing up for another group of students who arrive Tuesday.

As students leave, we’ve all been reflecting about our favorite experiences in China. For many of us, the community service was most meaningful. One of the best projects was painting the walls of a school building in the Fangshan region of Beijing, along with the students, who are children of migrant workers. It was such a powerful experience because we built relationships with the kids, had a great time, AND felt like we made some real contributions.  We were really proud of the results and will remember these children very fondly:

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  1. This project is great Ms. Krakauer!!!!!!!!

    I’m going to miss the departing students. It was a lot of fun reading about you’re adventures. (The students AND you, Ms. Krakauer.)
    The video was great!! I thought it was really creative that they took shapes of objects or animals and used paper to paint them on the wall!! I loved the ones with the fish and seaweed in them!!

    Can’t wait for your next adventure!!
    😉 ~ Anna

  2. The walls looked amazing after they were done! It is nice how everyone worked together to get the job done! Can’t wait to see more posts!

  3. this is amazing! the school looks great, i love the stencils, it touches me how happy the kids are because of you guys.

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