City of Lights

I don’t know if Shanghai has a nickname, but I would call it the City of Lights.  It’s modern, clean, and colorful. From old temples to the Apple Store, Shanghai has style.

Our first stop was at the Jingan Temple shown above, and there’s more exploring to come this weekend.

Guess what’s in store?

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  1. This is neat stuff!!

    I never knew Shanghai had so many lights there!! That’s got to be one of the coolest things about an awesome city!! I’d absolutely LOVE to be there at night!! My mom says (I think so too) you’re right, Shanghai DOES have style! She says that Beijing has culture, but Shanghai has style.
    What do you think the difference is between Shanghai and Beijing?
    How are you feeling? Are you tired? If you are, I recommend a good rest. How is Loki? How is she enjoying the trip so far? Is she tired too?
    Nice picture of the Jingan Temple, I can’t wait to hear about the Buddhism in Shanghai!!
    I don’t really know what’s in the store. Um…… is it full of stuff that we’re not expecting? Since it says “Years” (I think) in the curly letters at the bottom right of the red triangle, is it an immortality store??

    Best Wishes!!
    😉 ~ Anna

  2. Wow! did you take that picture of the city?? It is amazing! You should enter it into a contest. The architecture if the buildings there amaze me! It seems like it should be in a science fiction movie! Have a nice time!

  3. i love how in Shanghai there is such a variety of buildings. In the second picture there are older looking buildings made of wood and giant skyscrapers so close together!

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