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And We’re Off!


Innovation Academy Middle School Principal Melissa Kapeckas is in China! She is traveling as part of a delegation of Massachusetts school leaders participating in the US-China Administrator shadowing project. She will spend one week traveling and meeting with education officials before spending another week shadowing Principal Pei Yaolin at the Handan No. 31 Middle School. Check back throughout the month of April to read her posts.


Flat HawkAfter departing my house at 6 am on Thursday, April 4th, “Flat Hawk” and I arrived to Xi’an, China at 9 pm on Saturday, April 5th. Now, that’s a long day….time to hit the hay!

~Melissa Kapeckas

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4 thoughts on “And We’re Off!

  1. Mariclare Pollicelli on said:

    We miss you already…hope you and “Flat Hawk” are enjoying your stay so far!

  2. Anna S. on said:

    I love the little “Flat Hawk!!!!” He’s so cute!!!! 😀
    Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in China!!!!
    Best Wishes!!
    😉 ~ Anna

  3. Jodi O'Neill on said:

    Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to following your adventures with Flat Hawk!

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