Tofu San’s First Thanksgiving

Tofu San Jr. is from Japan, so one of our 5th graders, Isabella Marie, recently introduced him to an American holiday. For our readers from other countries, read on to learn about the kinds of things we do here to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday commemorating a harvest meal between English settlers and Native Americans.

First, Tofu San helped cook the dinner.Cooking

Tofu San said, “Eat less tofu, and more turkey!”Turkey

Finally, we ate!Eating

More, more!Second Helping

Eventually, Tofu San finished his feast.Done

But then it was time for dessert!

After eating, he had some time to watch football.Football

Tofu San got to play games with family and friends, and he got rich! He very much enjoyed his first Thanksgiving.Game

~Isabella Marie



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  1. Glad to hear Tofu San Jr. enjoyed his first Thanksgiving! I like how he participated in so many activities with you.

    The food looks good too!

  2. HelloFrom Class 6 What are you doing now? We are studying English with our Touhusan

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