Tofu San in L.A.

One of our 6th graders, Ila, took Tofu San Jr. to California a few weekends ago. He even got to go to an Indian wedding. Ooh! Read on to hear about Tofu San’s California dreamin’.

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My family and I went to Los Angeles for a wedding.  My cousin was getting married. Our flight left Boston at 4:30 PM. Airplane Window

We arrived late at night. The next morning we went out on the balcony and looked around.

Tofu San looking out on a balcony at the palm trees

Tofu San looking out on a balcony at the palm trees

In L.A., there were palm trees that looked magnificent.

The palm trees that looked fake but aren't

The palm trees that looked fake but aren’t

The wedding had many different events. Some had started a week ago. Most of the events I went to were at my aunt and uncle’s house. They have 2 houses and the one we went to was the larger one. It had 2 courtyards!

View from my aunt and uncle's house

View from my aunt and uncle’s house

Aunt and UncleMy uncle is a car collector. On one of the days, one of his garage doors were open and I saw a lot of old cars and new cars. When I was processing, I wasn’t allowed up on the platform with the gods with shoes on. I was in the front. My uncle got up out of his seat and was trying to take my shoe off thinking I would go near the fire and gods. This photo on the right is my aunt and uncle. I had to search them because I didn’t get to get a picture of them.

At the wedding, my cousins and I each carried a rose and processed in front of the bride. This is a photo of a rose in my aunt and uncle’s garden, where some of the events were, and it looks a lot like the one I carried.Rose

The wedding was a lot like a movie. Everything was very grand, and there were chandeliers with roses hanging on them. This is my Aunt Nandani, my Uncle Deepak, and their daughter, the Bride Deepika. The other 2 on the right are there friends.


The groom came on a white horse. This is not the actual groom, but it was like this and there was a person carrying an umbrella over the horse.White Horse

I was in a bedroom because technically I wasn’t allowed to be at the party but there was a bedroom I could stay in.  I really enjoyed the parts of the wedding that I did go to!

Tofu San back in Boston

Tofu San back in Boston

~ Ila B.

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  1. Awesome Ila! Your description was great! 🙂 I still can’t believe that there were 2 courtyards! I also can’t believe your uncle tried taking your shoes off in the middle of the wedding!

    -Katherine S.

  2. Ooh a wedding! Nice! It sounded like a lot of fun. 🙂 It’s really neat how the groom came on a white horse.

    Love the palm trees!

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