Yummy Japanese Desserts

mochiAfter reading Kerry’s post about sampling global treats at Epcot, my mouth started watering for all the delicious sweets I got to try in Japan. Here are three of my favorites:

1. Mochi ~ These little rice paste balls never really impressed me, until I had them freshly made. Check out the way they pound the mochi into these little balls, stuffed with red bean sweet goodness:

2. Printed Cookies ~ The Japanese don’t mess around when it comes to appearance. Everything is displayed so elegantly.

Printed Cookie

3. Shaved Ice ~ Such a great treat on a hot day. And they make them HUGE! Why don’t they do these more in the United States?

Want to read more to make your stomach growl? I have a post about Japanese fast food, but I’ve also written about sweets in posts from trips to other places. China has lots of strange flavor combos and foods that made me say yuck and yum. I also got to have some pretty special meals in Ukraine and cooking class in Turkey. Hungry yet?

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  1. These foods look so good; I’m hungry now! I really want to try the Mochi and the shaved ice! It’s cool how they pound the rice to make the Mochi. Just out of curiosity, how come the rice is green?


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