Student Guest Post: A Taste of International Cuisine at Epcot

There are lots of ways to have international experiences without leaving the United States. Sixth grader Kerry got to experience global cuisine at Disney’s Epcot Park, where travelers can “visit” many countries all in a single day. Who else has been around the world at Epcot? If you’ve never been, you can get a taste of the experience by reading Kerry’s blog entry below. 

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Map of Epcot’s World Village

I didn’t travel internationally this summer, but I spent two weeks in Florida. I enjoyed Epcot and spent quite a bit of time at each country represented. While visiting, I searched for new foods I had never tried. I tried quite a few and enjoyed sharing with my family.

In the United Kingdom, I tried two types of candy bars and a type of cookie. I liked the Aero candy bar which had a mint airy center. My mom liked the Lion candy bar which had caramel and wafers. Nobody in my family liked the Jaffa Cakes. We all thought the orange filling tasted fake.

We moved onto France and went into the French bakery. It was hard to choose just one item to try as they all looked wonderful. I finally chose something called Tarte Aux Fraises. It was a mini pie with a custard filling and decorated with whip cream and strawberries on top. It was delicious and very filling even with sharing.Strawberry

Cola FlavorI was feeling full at this time so we decided to purchase foods we could take with us to try later. The next country I visited was Japan. I bought a drink that tasted like Coke. The bottle was interesting which is what got my attention in the store. I had to peel the label back and push a marble into the drink with the palm of my hand. Another item I bought in Japan was potato chips that had seaweed on them. I had never tried seaweed before but I liked the chips so much, I would like to try other items with seaweed.

While visiting each country, I was able to watch several performances of music and dance. I have been to Epcot many times before but doing this project really made me appreciate it more and be on the lookout for new experiences that in the past I would just walk by.

~Kerry M.

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  1. This was very interesting to read, would never have though of all the food from other countries. It was so nice to read your thoughts on the food.

  2. It’s so interesting how there is such a large variety of foods in Epcot. Your post has certainly made me hungry! Which food was your favorite?


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