Mmmm… Turkish Cuisine

If you’ve never eaten Turkish food, you must try it!  Delicious! Here are two videos I just made to make your mouth water:

And learning to cook Turkish food in the evening class that I took:

p.s. I leave tomorrow morning and start the journey home.  I’m not writing a “goodbye to Turkey” post yet, because I’m not ready now.  There’s still so much that I want to share about my time here.  Expect posts coming up about religion in Turkey, my visit to a private school today, and possibly some other highlights of Istanbul! I’m too tired for final reflections tonight and I still need to pack. I can safely say that while my trip has been fabulous, I am very much looking forward to coming home!

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  1. the food looks delicious! I wish I could try some. Do you think there are any Turkish cuisines in Massachusetts (Boston Area)?
    Have a fun and safe rest of your trip! See you on Monday! πŸ™‚

  2. all those food look delicious Ms. Krakauer!!!
    are they the best food you’ve ever had??? as in, in the history of food???
    and you’re right! my mouth is starting to water!!!
    i saw the Turkish Cheese, it looked so WHITE!!! i wonder why….
    when you took the cooking class, did you discover new methods to cook? or did you know most of them? the kitchen seemed pretty busy!!
    i really like the Traditional Turkish Soup, it looked great!!! by the way, what did the Turkish Coffee taste like?? did it taste like American Coffee?? or something totally different?? it seems like the Turkish Coffee is made slightly differently than American Coffee. it reminded me of hot chocolate!!
    i wish you safe travels and a “Welcome Home, Ms. Krakauer!!!”

  3. I just ate. Now I’m hungry again! I saw in your first video there was Baklava. I’ve had that before.

  4. It looks professional and mouth watering too. I just ate supper. Maybe next time you can block out the video audio. But I just love this video!!!! I’d really love to try Turkish cheese…It’s white! I hope you have a save and HEALTHY trip back Ms.Krakauer!!

    P.S PlEASE post more awsome Videos!!!!
    – Hailey

  5. He’s seen this blog but can’t comment! I work with a computer alot ( almost 10 years) so I can help him maybe even more than 10 almost 11 or more years! Just to let you know that he loves the blog! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. I was interested in the food that I saw. Some of it was like our food, such as corn,nuts, and plums. Some of the food was unfamiliar to me. I have never heard of Simit, Turkish Delight,and Tamek. Did you not like any of the foods? Do you like to try new foods?

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