Tofu San’s First Pajama Jam

I’ve arrived at Twist and Shout, America’s premiere balloon twisting convention. There was an actual welcome ceremony, where we heard about all the classes that will be offered and such, but as usual, the unofficial start is the Pajama Jam! Qualatex Guy

At the Pajama Jam, all the twisters gather and play with balloons late into the night. A balloon company sponsors the event and provides all the balloons for us to use!Pajama Jam Colors

Some twisters are learning new designs, and others are working on competition pieces for tomorrow. In general, it’s just a chance to have a whole lot of fun!

This is Tofu-San’s first time in Texas, and his first time at a Pajama Jam, so I’ll let you see it through his eyes. And then, we both need to get some sleep!


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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself there!
    The balloon creations are very clever and inventive, especially the trumpet!

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