Tofu San’s Weekend with Olivia

Tofu San went home this past weekend with one of our 5th graders, Olivia, who was headed up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Read on to hear about their adventures!

* * * * * * *

Before we headed up to Maine, Tofu San came to my soccer game with Mack, Sarah, Kirsten, and me.OliviaSoccerBefore we were ready to go up to Maine, we first stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to get some donuts and munchkins. If you’re not from Massachusetts, you should know that Dunkin’ is a place where you get good breakfast sandwiches or coffee and it’s VERY popular in our state.Olivia2

On our car ride up to Maine, Tofu San had a really fun time listening to music and sleeping with me.Olivia 3When we got there, first he had to sit on the picnic table waiting to do the next fun thing but he was very patiently waiting for us to do something.Olivia1My cousins and I painted coffee mugs and movie pictures. Tofu San finished painting with us and that was a lot of fun. Olivia and TofuSanThen we made dancing videos with Tofu San in them. Tofu San was ready for a nap after all the dancing me and my cousin did with him. We had a lot of fun making videos and doing funny things.Olivia4

The weekend was fun with Tofu San and I hope he had a fun time with me too!

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  1. Hello, Olivia. Tofu-san seems very happy. We are waching your blog in class four’s classroom. How is your soccer? USA rugby team is in group B with Japan team. We are looking forward to their game.

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