Tofu San hits Hogwarts and DC

Tofu San continues to be very busy! Omi Sensei sent photographs of his visit to the land of Harry Potter in the United Kingdom. He traveled to Hogwarts via Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Railway Station. Here you can see Omi going right along with him!Platform 9 3:4Tofu San also got to dine in the great dining room of Hogwarts (actually at Oxford University). I don’t think he got to meet Harry Potter, but he looks pretty excited, right?


If that weren’t enough excitement, this past weekend, Tofu San Jr. came with me to a wedding in Washington DC. He enjoyed riding on an airplane, though it was very early Saturday morning.Above the Clouds

The wedding was actually a bit out of the city, on a farm in Maryland. Tofu San enjoyed visiting the barn and celebrating a new marriage. It was once a dairy farm that held something like 75 cows!

Barn from the outsideTofu San considered partying on the dance floor, but then he realized that his legs are very short for dancing.
Barn from the inside

Tofu San got some time to explore the city of Washington DC on Sunday. He saw many important government buildings and museums. Most of them he just saw from the outside, because he was on a busy schedule.

He did get some time to relax on the Mall, which is a big public green with the Washington Monument at one end and the Capital Building at the other end. He also met some of my friends from college.

Tofu San loved his visit to the National Zoo, where he saw many interesting animals.

Overall, he just enjoyed checking out the beautiful city, with its interesting architecture.

DC Townhouses

He noticed that Donald Trump is even building a hotel!

Trump Hotel

He didn’t spend too much time checking it out though, because he was distracted by the Hispanic Festival going on, with lots of proud people from El Salvador.

Salvadoran FestivalJust a few blocks over, he found himself in Chinatown.

ChinatownThere’s always a lot going on in DC! Overall, it was a fun weekend for me too, with some time to explore my own country’s capital city as a tourist. Since I wrote about the bathrooms in China and the fancy toilets in Japan, it’s only fair that I also note the interesting restrooms I saw on this trip to DC. At the Hotel Monaco, the view was spectacular. Don’t you agree?

Beautiful Hotel Monaco Bathroom

At a restaurant in Capital Hill, I also spotted this strange sink for the first time. It washes and DRIES your hands in the same place. Have you seen one of these before?

Tofu San and I had such a fun weekend, and you can expect more adventures soon. Where will he go next?!


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  1. It’s so exciting that Tofu San visited all these places! (Especially Hogwarts, I am definitely going there one day!) 😉
    I also think it’s very nice that the wedding Tofu San went to was held at a farm; such a comfy place. How did the wedding go?
    The photos of D.C. look great! Why do they call that area “The Mall”? Were there really exotic animals in the National Zoo? The animals in the photos are cute 🙂 Were those Victorian style houses? How was the Hispanic Festival and Chinatown? Also, the bathrooms look super fancy! The sink is unique; it’s very smart and convenient.


      • Ooh! It’s interesting how the Mall went through so many stages to what it is today; from when people played pall mall there to a man’s vision of a clear grass area for the public. Kind of funny how the term, “mall”, just stayed with everyone through all this time.


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