Meeting in the Middle

At the Pacific Ocean!

At the Pacific Ocean!

Greetings from San Francisco, where the adventure begins. Last night, I met the other Japanese and American teachers who will be learning about Education for Sustainable Development with me. As I mentioned in my blog entry a few weeks ago, I’ll be going to Japan in June to learn about teaching sustainability and helping kids make the world a better place to live. It makes sense to meet here in California before the Japanese teachers head home — this is much closer to Japan than Boston is!



Even my name tag is translated

Even my name tag is translated

I couldn’t be more excited to be here. Today, we are going to have some introductory sessions in both English and Japanese. We’ll wear little radio transmitters so that as a person speaks in Japanese, we’ll hear simultaneous translation in an earpiece. We’ll also have two translators traveling with us in Japan. Throughout this time in San Francisco, and then later in Tokyo, we are going to plan collaborative projects matching Japanese classes with American classes. If you are a student at IACS, please comment below with ideas that I can suggest for what kind of things you’d like to exchange with Japanese students. What topics would you like to study? Would you like to do more art exchanges, or send videos, writing, or photos? Send in ideas today and tomorrow, and I’ll discuss them with the other teachers. More updates coming soon!



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  1. Hi!

    I like to study biology, weather (meteorology), and acting/singing. I think those are by far the three topics that I’m most interested in.
    I would like to do more photo exchanges. One photo can tell you a lot; they can tell you how truly happy a person is, how bright the sun really was that day, and how pure and blue the sky really was. Photos are facts suspended in time, and they have the ability to “capture the moment.” I would also like to see more art exchanges because I saw the post with the art from the Ukrainian students. I loved them! They were so beautiful! I’d like to see what Japanese students draw too! Finally, I think the radio transmitters are really creative!
    Finally, I have a few questions… Do you have any idea on what Japan is going to be like? What are your ideas on Education for Sustainable Development? Is it hard to hear the translation with the translator and the actual speaker talking at the same time?

    Best Wishes!
    ~ Anna 😉

  2. I hope they liked our country and thought that we can teach students from japan our ways and knowladge

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