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Guest Post from India: Close Encounter with Temple Elephant

Kerala IndiaToday’s guest post comes from a brand new 5th grade student who is starting at Innovation Academy in a few weeks. Please welcome Athul! We are so lucky that we will get to hear about his adventures in India in person.

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I travelled to the south part of India in Kerala and stayed in my cousin’s house for a while. It turned out that they lived near a temple. No literally they do! You just have to walk 1 minute to reach there! So the next morning I decided to go there, but it was really worth it because there were elephants coming. Since elephants are considered important and for their safety, they shouldn’t be forced to walk on the roads. So the elephant came on a truck. It really was fun watching it get out of the truck!

That’s when I got to feed it. But the first time I felt skeptical because I had to feed the elephant by sticking its food in its mouth and shockingly, its huge tongue just went for my hand and licked it.Athul Feeding an Elephant

But it was sort of fun. So I did it again and luckily before I was going to put it in its mouth, it just grabbed from me with its trunk and just ate it itself. I’m telling you that you’d really love it.

~Athul, Incoming 5th Grade Student

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28 thoughts on “Guest Post from India: Close Encounter with Temple Elephant

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  1. Juliana F on said:

    Wow! I’ve always wanted to go to India. I have seen pictures of Indian temples, but I would love to experience it. Plus I love elephants!

  2. Therese G. on said:

    Thank you for sharing your trip. It inspires me to go back to the Philippines (where my family comes from) and learn more about my culture. I never got to experience much, since I born in the U.S. Thank you again!

  3. julianna on said:

    looks like fun I have friend that is from India, and did it feel gross when the elephants liked you?

  4. Andreas t. on said:

    Its awesome how you got to feed the elephants.

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  6. Parker J. on said:

    What did the elephant’s tounge feel like

  7. Parker J. on said:

    What did the elephants tounge feel like?

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