A Mission in Trinidad

JenToday’s guest VIDEO comes from Jen Schultz, a high school student at Innovation Academy. This summer, Jen traveled to the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, where she participated in a mission trip with her church, Grace Chapel. Jen was a 5th grader in my class many years ago, and I bet she never would have imagined that she’d be a world traveler so early in life! She worked very hard fundraising to make this trip happen, and her dreams became reality. Check out the amazing video that she made about her experience. You will truly feel like you are there with her:

I hope that student readers will follow in Jen’s footsteps someday! It doesn’t need to be for mission work like it was for her. Whatever reason you choose to travel, you will certainly come away changed. Jen wrote:

Jen2At the end of our second day on mission, as we are saying goodbye to a group of elderly people who live in a home together, a tiny woman, weighing no more than 70 pounds, whispers to my team member as she grasps his hand as tightly as she can, “Don’t forget this little place in this big world.” She makes a great point. Often people travel to far places, meet new faces, and return home with empty suitcases. I came home with a suitcase full of love and eye opening truth. There are people half way around the world who laugh, cry, and scream just like us. Truth is, we all need to learn from each other and work together.

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  1. That must have been fun getting to know different people. It was intresting to hear the differences of what words mean there and here. My older sister w ent on mission trips also but never out of the country. I would like to do something like this some day. The kids seemed so nice and fun, I thick I would have wanted to bring some of the orpans home.

  2. That sounds like fun experience ! I think it would be cool to see how different things are in other places . Hope you had fun

  3. That was probably an experience you would never forget. I found it interesting that the kids had such a passion for religion. I would love to go and do something like that. Only knowing that you made some kind of difference is amazing to me. I’m sure the kids will cherish something like forever and make them want to do stuff like that too.

  4. I think what you did was amazing! Even though I myself am not christian. I would have supported that trip all the way!

  5. It was nice seing all the kids get to know about God more. It must have been a fun going there with your church and also getting to see all those places.I hope one day I could have the chance to do that with some of my friends

  6. it looks like you had a very wonderful time there keep doing what you are doing and you will get very fast. 🙂

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