Next stop… Greenland?

IcelandAir is becoming one of the best airlines for flights from North America to Europe. As you can see on this map, Iceland is a great stop over right in the middle of these two continents. IcelandAir RoutesYou can also see on this map that many of these flights fly over the southern tip of Greenland. While I was flying home from Reykjavik, I happened to look out the window while we were over Greenland. At first, it was hard to see anything, because the clouds were in my way.

CloudsAs I looked more closely, I noticed little white dots. Floating icebergs? I couldn’t see any polar bears, but some mountains came into view more clearly.

Mountains of GreenlandThen, it turned to more white. Only this time, I realized that I wasn’t looking at clouds. I was looking at a giant glacier. How did I know? In Iceland, I learned that glacial water is bright blue, like the little “lake” in this picture:

Glacial WaterThe area of glacial ice was huge! In between, some mountains peaked through the ice.

Mountain Tops

But the views just kept getting better. As we approached the coast, I saw that the coastline of Greenland is full of fjords and cliffs. It was spectacular:


I even saw an area where the glacial water ran off into the ocean, where the ice broke off and turned into little icebergs floating in the water:

Breaking Ice

I couldn’t get it all in one shot, so here’s a little video gift to you. Enjoy!

As I looked at this amazing sight, I wondered — why haven’t I heard about tourism in Greenland? It’s so beautiful! The only person I know who has been to Greenland is my college friend John Huston who is an Arctic explorer! Is it cold there all the time?

Cold GreenlandIt’s said that Erik the Red, the Viking explorer, found a nice place to live there, and named it Greenland in order to convince others to come live there. Apparently, it didn’t work too well, because not too many people live there. What do you think? Is this a good spot for my next trip?



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  1. Hello Sarah! I found your blog trying to find someone else’s blog. =) I am surprised at how many people actually want to come to Greenland! It’s not that accessible because it is expensive and you have to fly from place to place but it is an astonishing experience for those who have not been to Arctic countries. It is very different from its closest neighbour, Iceland, although they also share some similarities.

    Right now, it’s (comparatively) hot here. You can go around in t-shirts and shorts on the very hot days, although the weather changes very quickly and the wind is always cool, so you should always bring extra layers.

    I hope you have the chance to visit one day.

  2. Why do you think Greenland is called “Green” if its all icy? On the same token, why is Iceland called that if its all green?

  3. I found it interesting how Eric the Red, the Viking Explorer named Greenland “Greenland” only so that people would come to Greenland.

  4. All that Ice there is just fantastic to look at it just makes me feel that it would be awesome to look at in person.

  5. I have been on a lot of planes, but I haven’t ever seen anything like this on one! I found it really interesting that the glacial water appears to be such a bright blue color.

  6. That story reminded me of when I went to florida. It was scary because I could see lightning right outside my window on the plane like how you could see all of the clouds.

  7. Wow, I never new that Greenland was named so people would come there!
    I also thought Greenland was green, with grass and trees but I guess not!

  8. All of the ice looks like clouds! I have been wanting to go to Greenland because it sounds green. it’s the opposite of what I was thinking!

  9. I think that the pictures and videos you took were good because it showed a lot of the features of Greenland. I really liked fjords. They looked like fingers grabbing the water. I have a connection to Greenland, because I did a project on Eric the Red. He went to Greenland because got banned from Iceland.

    • It must be really cold there in Greenland. I wanted to say that you took really good pictures and I think it is really cool that you got to see that. Hope you had a fun trip.

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