Guest Post from Brazil: More than Just the World Cup

Our first student guest post of the summer comes from Diego in Brazil! Don’t you wish you could go root for your favorite World Cup team also? Read on to see what Diego’s experience has been like. Whether you are traveling or not this summer, consider writing your own post like Diego.

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For vacation I am going to Brazil not only because I have family there but also, so I can root for Brazil in the World Cup.

Diego BrazilBefore I got to Brazil I had to fly in a plane into Charlotte then fly into Brazil on another.  On the flight into Brazil I had to sit and wait for 10 hours in the plane. My favorite part of the flight was when we boarded and we could see everybody on the plane was from a different place.  I noticed this because everyone had a specific  type of soccer jersey on.  On the ride I saw someone with a Holland/Netherlands scarf (orange) a family of people wearing Mexican jerseys (green) someone with a Portugal jersey (red) and many people with Brazilian jerseys (yellow).  It was like someone spilled different colored paints in the plane.

Another thing I did on the trip to Brazil was that I saw the landscape outside of Rio de Janeiro.  The landscape is very mountainous.  It was interesting to see it because you will see that in the center of the mountains there was a giant cloud.  Under this giant cloud was Rio de janeiro.  I thought that it was interesting to see that the outer rim of Rio de Janeiro was giant mountains.  Also some of the mountains are actually part of Rio because some people have houses  on the side of the mountains.

After landing in Brazil we had to drive to my grandmother’s house.  On the way you could see many types of flags hung over apartment balconies and windows.  I saw the Brazilian flag, the American flag, and the Mexican flag.  All over the city there are people wearing jerseys, face paint, hats, flags as capes, and much more just because of the World Cup.  You don’t see anybody not wearing a jersey or anything unrelated to the World Cup in this city.

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  1. Diego- it’s great to read your post. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Enjoy your time with your family. Go Brazil!

  2. I’m so happy to hear about World Cup! My family and I have been watching it ever since it started.
    Great job, and keep rooting for the Brazil soccer team!

    P.S. Why is Rio de Janeiro under a giant cloud?

  3. I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I remember that the houses are not really the same as the houses in New England. There was a lot of people there and most of the people there aren’t white, but are darker skinned. When I become a little older, I plan to go back and visit Guatemala with my family to see if we can find my birth parents.

  4. Wow Diego, that must of been amazing. Was the landscape of the mountains like the landscape of mountains in New England. Was the World Cup action very exciting. since the World Cup was hosted where you were staying. I wanted Argentina to win but they lost in the final against Germany 1-0.

  5. I would have loved to go to Brazil to see the World Cup. I watched it on TV and I was rooting for Argentina in the final game because they were the underdogs. Brazil seems like an amazing place. It must be fun to have family there to visit. Who is your favorite soccer player on Brazil? Mine is Neymar Jr.

  6. 10 hours is a long flight! Our house cleaner is also traveling to her home in Brazil. She told us that July is a different season in Brazil with cooler weather and that she thinks it is the best time of year to visit. It must have been exciting to experience the World Cup in Brazil. What was the most exciting part of your World Cup experience?

  7. It must have been cool to see all of the people in Brazil wearing jerseys. One question I had was how did the mood change when Brazil lost in the World Cup? Also did you get to see any of the games in the world Cup stadium?

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