Guest Post: the Brazilian Beach

Diego hasn’t even started 6th grade yet, but he’s already a master blogger. Check out his third post from Brazil. If you missed his other posts, he wrote about visiting Rio and even some interesting history lessons.

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Last week I went to my grandparent’s beach house in Buzios, Brazil.  Buzios is a peninsula in Brazil.  It is located 120 km from Rio de Janeiro where I am currently staying with my grandmother.  Also, Buzios is surrounded by beautiful beaches.

PaddleBoardTo start off I would like to talk about what I did at the beach and what I learned.  My favorite activity was paddleboarding.  I liked it the most because paddleboarding was a lot like canoeing, but standing up.  Also, you could sit or kneel instead.  When paddleboarding, it is easier to stand in the middle of the board.

While I was at the beach there were holes in the ground.  They look like ant hills but they are little worm holes that you can dig out to get the worms.  Then, you can use the worms as bait when fishing.

Another activity I did was boogie boarding.  I liked this so much because you jump on a big wave, you kick like crazy, and the wave will bring you back to shore if you timed it perfectly. Most likely you will get sand in the places you don’t want sand.

Playing SoccerWhile at Buzios, I played soccer with a couple of girls that were my grandfather`s friends.  It was fun but hard to play because we couldn’t communicate.  This was because they spoke Portuguese and my brother and I spoke English.  Playing with them was both fun and comical because whenever they scored they would scream “goooooooooooool” and when the younger one fell down she made a comment about Neymar, the best player in Brazil, who broke a vertebrae when he was kneed in the back against Colombia.  I feel that in Brazil they would play soccer anywhere because we played with two park benches as goals.

The next time I write a blog it will be about going to the Sugar Loaf, a big mountain in Brazil that gives a beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro.


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  1. It was funny how the girls would scream “Goooooool” whenever someone scored!
    Why is the mountain called Sugar Loaf?

  2. Fishing, paddleboarding and boogie boarding sound like fun but not getting sand in the places you wouldn’t want sand – yuck! It must be nice to be able to visit a beach house in a different country. Did you learn any Portuguese hanging out with the 2 girls playing soccer?

  3. All the activities you did in Brazil sounded like a lot of fun. Personally, I love to play and watch soccer. I myself wanted Argentina to win the World Cup. Unfortunately, Germany beat them. You also mentioned how it was hard to communicate with your grandfather’s friends. I totally understand how you must’ve felt. My family and I visit our relatives in India every other summer, and it is sometimes hard to communicate for as well.

  4. Was it realy that hard to speak to the portuguese friends? Did they understand any english? I can imagin how diffuclt it was but the soccer game sounds fun. I would love to try paddle boarding at any beach but in Brazil it must have been so cool. I have never been outside of the U.S.A. The farthest I have been is Maine to see my godmother.

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