Write your own blog entry for Innovation on Earth!

IMG_1300If you are middle school student at Innovation Academy, this is extra credit for your Social Studies summer packet work, but anybody in our community can participate — high school students, teachers, or parents.

If you are traveling out of the country, share about your journey!

If you are staying local, you could blog about eating a new kind of food, meeting someone from another country, seeing an international performance, or any other global experience. There are lots of ways to learn globally without going too far from home.

Here are some tips for blogging:

  • Athul Feeding an ElephantGive detail ~ Try to describe what happened so that your readers can imagine being there themselves.
  • Read others’ entries ~ Ms. Krakauer will be blogging this summer from Japan and Indonesia, and there will be lots of other guest posts. Before you write your own entry, explore the blog and read the posts of others!
  • Focus on a theme ~ Instead of trying to cover everything in one post, choose a theme to focus on (for example, check out Ms. Krakauer’s entry about Turkish food, Mrs. Kapeckas’s entry about what’s polite in China, and Ms. Shaby’s entry about Portugese art.
  • Include lots of photographs and videos ~ The easiest way to show a video is to put it on YouTube and then send the link, but you can also upload to GoogleDrive and share.
  • Proofread your writing ~ Spelling and grammar mistakes on a published blog would be embarrassing.

photo-3Send your photos and text (3-6 paragraphs) to Ms. Krakauer ( via email or GoogleDrive. The best entries will be published on this site. We cannot guarantee that every entry will be put online, but we will do our best to publish all entries written with attention to detail.

Note: Whenever we publish content online, we need to be careful about internet safety. If you are under 18, we recommend that you don’t include your last name in the actual post. In addition, ask your parents if it’s ok to include photographs of you online, and have them email Ms. Krakauer to let her know that photographs of your image are acceptable to publish. Photographs of you having a global experience are always fun to see, but internet safety is most important.

Together, we’ll make Innovation Academy a truly global school. Visit us throughout the summer at and travel the world!

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