Euro Cup 2012

Euro Cup Billboard

Did you know that Ukraine and Poland are hosting the Euro Cup this summer?  This is a big deal — it’s like the Soccer World Cup for Europe.  Our hotel is right next to the big stadium where the final match will be, and the whole city is clearly excited.  We’re seeing posters and signs everywhere!

Today, we visited a school in the capital, Kyiv School 57, where they are even teaching a class called “Euro Cup 2012.” We were all impressed with the students and teachers there, but I will save most of the details for another post.

I do have to share an amazing example of project-based learning.  The 11th grade students are entering a contest for which they had to design a model of the stadium.  They decided to make theirs out of legos, and they did the whole thing on their own.  The result was very impressive!  Here’s a video if you want to see the students talking about their work, and you can also get to see some of the detail on their amazing sculpture:

In a few hours, Carol and I leave for the overnight train. I’m going to try to work on editing some more video to post tomorrow! We saw a lot at School 57 today — much more than the legos.

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  1. Wow!!! That Lego building is SO cool! It must have taken A LOT work to do that! Especially that you probably need to buy extra supplies of Legos to build that!
    I didn’t know that Ukraine had a Euro Cup Tournament! That’s pretty cool!
    Does that mean that Ukrainians are huge fans of Soccer? Considering all the signs and posters that you mentioned.
    It would be cool if OUR school could do that, too. It would be fun!!!
    Sorry that I can’t write more, but I gotta go.
    Have fun!!!

  2. Great place appartment you picked to stay at. I wish I could go there in the summer. I also hope they win the lego stadium conntest they did an awesome job building it. The bill board looks super cool to with the coca cola stuff and neat desighn’s you really chose a fantastic place to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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