Animals of Kyiv

Here’s a little video I made that shows animals I’ve seen on the streets of Kyiv.  I think it speaks for itself:

I got a student question about the landscape that I’ve seen so far. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t seen much yet outside of the city. Kyiv is like any other city — some flat parts, some hills.  There are lots of parks and gardens to explore too.  These are some photos of a park I explored the other day, but I think you’ll be much more impressed by the interesting landscapes that I’ll see in Turkey!  So, stay tuned!

Ukraine had a rough winter, so spring is still on its way. I believe this is a dogwood tree. Notice the little friend on the base of the bud.


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  1. the landscape looks pretty, although the trees and flowers have not blossomed. I have dogwoods at my house because i find a lot of those little things in my backyard.

  2. Wow!!!!!! All those animals looked similar (but still a bit different), than the animals we see everyday, here! I was most surprised by the squirrel’s tall and fuzzy ears! The bird looked funny (the good kind of funny) when it jumped around. The dancing mouse was a cool part of the video!
    I saw the picture of the flower bud. My mom says it’s better if Winter starts later than normal, than if we suddenly had some super warm days, and then it became colder again. She says that the buds that’s supposed to bring fruit (as well as the buds that bring flowers) will freeze! Then the poor animals can’t get food (from the later on fruit), and the bees can’t pollinate much flowers anymore!
    I also noticed the little insect, I wonder what kind of insect it is……Hmm…..
    I really like that you included a lot about animals here, Ms. Krakauer. Can you try to post a blog about the animals of Turkey, too? Once you go there?

  3. This is really awesome! I love the animals and how unique they look from most animals we would have here. I really like the video too!

  4. I thought that the dancing mouse was funny and the dog reminded me of my dog Jackson. I also thought the hopping bird was interesting. What type of bird was that? Does it always hop that way?

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