Better than Disney: Caves, Castles, and Sweets of Slovenia

Yesterday was our first full day in Slovenia, and it was a whirlwind. We started out at Postojna Caves, where visitors ride a Disney-like train through a cave.Cave Train 2.png

Except instead of fake displays, the cave is real! And unlike in the U.S., there are no seat belts and sometimes the passageways felt extremely tight.Cave Train.png

Once inside, we got to walk around a bunch on the paths.Walking Path

The views were very impressive.

After caving, we had lunch at the dream-like Predjama Castle.Predjama Castle.pngIf you think kids would have liked this part of the day, they would REALLY like the desserts of Ljubljana. We thought nothing could beat Italy’s gelato, but… then we tried pudding-like hot chocolate at Cacao. With whipped cream, of course.Hot Chocolate.png

It got even better when we wandered into an “open kitchen” market which happens every Friday throughout the summer. Open Kitchen.png

My friend Erica got so excited about one of the desserts that the chef gave us one for free! It was something called a Tiokin Brulle from Pri Levu Restaurant at Union HotelsTionkin Brulle

Wow. Two bites in!Tionkin Brulle Close Up.png

And then… if you thought Dippin’ Dots were the ice cream of the future, you’d be wrong. Check out these amazing ice cream rolls that we tried (not so traditional Slovenian):

I’m pretty sure that kids would LOVE Slovenia. It turns out that Slovenia has one of the best party shops for balloons I’ve ever seen, even compared to ones I’ve seen in the U.S. Party Shop.png

We met up with the party shop’s owners and balloon professionals visiting from Hungary and Japan, and they also loved the yummy food here. I think we’ll stay!New Friends New Desserts

New Balloon FriendsWhy don’t more people visit Slovenia? They should!


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  1. Slovenia is wonderful. A true marvel! Lived there for two years. Thanks for your inspiring writing.
    Steini from Iceland

  2. Slovenia seems amazing!!! The cave is beautiful and the food looks mouth-watering! Also surprising how the Predjama Castle was used in the Harry Potter films! 🙂


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