Art and Heart in Ljubljana

Maybe you’ve never heard of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, but it’s a really fun city with a lot of interesting art to see. Where can you see some art in Ljubljana? If you ever go, here’s where to look:

1) On random street corners: BootsFace and Skinny Alley

2) On the sides of buildings, even in residential neighborhoods:

Close Up

3) In public art exhibits (This one was an area where it rains whenever it feels like it, even when the sun is blaring. Small wires hung very high are almost invisible, making it really seem like there’s a bizarre alternate reality where it’s raining in just one spot.)RainOwn Weather

4) In the city’s architecture! This morning we went on a free walking tour, and learned a lot about the city’s history, and all the architectural influences, from baroque or art nouveau.

5) Inside the Ljubljana Cathedral (just this regular old ceiling there):Church Ceiling

6) At the Saturday market ~ There were all sorts of crafts on display, from traditional to modern. It took A LOT of will power to resist buying all the things. The lace making was my favorite:

7) Metelkova Street, where squatters / artists have taken over a former military barracks:

One of the buildings on that street had sculptures with the best faces ever. You’ve got to look closely to see how expressive they are!

ColorsFacesClose Up Faces 2

So now you know where to go to see art when you visit Ljubljana! Do you know that the word LOVE is part of sLOVEnia? The locals know.Love

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  1. Beautiful art! The lace-making and the face sculptures are very interesting! The raining spot was especially creative!

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