Murals and Public Art, from the USA to Ireland

I didn’t go to any art museums in Ireland, but I was lucky to see lots of public art on the street. I was very impressed. First, in Cork:






In our tomorrowCreativity and Change

This one was HUGE, and super inspiring. In order to see this one properly, I had to capture it on video:


Next, in Galway:

Like snow that doesn't belong to the earth or the air

I happened to be there when the musician Prince died, and that night I wandered down a street and in front of me was this mural:

Close up 1

Above this scene, the mural shows artists who have passed away:Close up 2

So the whole mural is quite impressive:

Sally Long's

I ended my trip in Dublin, where I found this sculpture at Trinity College:

Since coming home to Massachusetts, I’ve started noticing more murals. I saw these ones in Cambridge today, and at least one of them is clearly freshly painted: PrinceGarage MuralFearless Belonging

I know Ms. Shaby wrote about beautiful graffiti in Lisbon, Portugal, but where else around the world have you seen public art as interesting as this?  I’ll add those cities to my list of places I want to visit!

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  1. I’ve never seen so many murals outside before! These are very thought-provoking and inspiring. It kind of gives you an insight on what the Irish value and want to achieve or fight for.
    Have you seen anyone painting a mural when you were in Ireland, Ms. Krakauer? Were the murals you saw clustered in one area of a town or spread out throughout the town? Also, what do you think the spinning globe represents? Is it supposed to depict the earth?

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