Irish Culture Part Four: Getting Deeper with Friends

TimeWhen you visit a country, most tourists don’t get the real scoop. There are certain questions that you can’t ask a stranger.

That’s why I was lucky to hang out with Victor and several of his friends in Ireland. One of his pals, Audrey, is an American woman who has been living in Ireland for over a decade, because she married Tom, a local Irish man. Victor and I got to spend an evening with Audrey and Tom, and they answered loads of my students’ questions. It was a blast, and we got to go deeper than just the surface level topics. I could even ask them about Irish stereotypes:

Some of the students asked really fascinating questions about gender, sexual orientation, and fair treatment. These led to really interesting discussions:

Marriage Equality

Other questions got at how Irish people show respect to each other, which is not something most tourists get to see (definitely “invisible culture” or something below the water on the iceberg):

Some questions were just plain fun. Have you ever heard of hurling or Gaelic football?

Trinity Rugby.pngIf you can believe it, there’s even more I could share from Audrey and Tom, and I’ll try to get some more video edited soon. Here’s to making new friends when you travel!


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  1. Very interesting overall! It’s nice to hear that the Irish are working hard towards equality in general. I wonder if these Irish sports (hurling, Gaelic football) are played in other areas around the world?

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