Where the Heck is Matt? Boston!

Sometimes when people hear that I travel a lot, they tell me about a guy named Matt and his silly videos. Matt is a guy who travels around the world and does a goofy dance in front of all sorts of interesting places with all sorts of interesting people. Here’s one of his YouTube hits:

Yesterday, I heard that he was in town, so I showed up at the Esplanade to help him film a Boston clip. He gathered a group of people and went over the dance with us.


Matt was very nice, and he asked the group for ideas of interesting variations that we could try. We took several takes, which I didn’t record, because I was dancing! I think he got some good footage; he let us see a glimpse afterwards.

Watching the footage

Once the dancing was filmed, he offered to pose with each of us, sign autographs, and even be our dance partner. What a fun experience!

Thanks, Matt, for bringing your good will around the world, and inspiring so many people to see the world!

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