Irish Culture Part Two: Taking it to the Streets of Galway

There are a lot of chances to learn about culture when walking around on the streets of Galway, one of Ireland’s biggest cities in the west.

Of course, there are shamrocks, sheep, and many touristy images, but most people can tell what is just for fun and what is real.

I’ve been finding lots of items with Irish names, many of which I recognize from Irish Catholic people who live in Massachusetts.Names

The street performers here are a lot of fun, and certainly I’ve heard a lot more music than when I last wrote.

I’ve also gotten chances to ask some shopkeepers to answer student questions.

Kids Chores

Some places feel familiar, like any shopping area in the States.

Shopping Centre of Galway

When I look closely, I see little differences. These toy machines contain silver gum balls and coil hair ties like those that I bought several years ago in China.


I’m trying to keep my eyes open for other interesting new sights! As we know, culture is not so easy to see from a tourist perspective.

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  1. Fascinating! The Irish crests are starting to make me wonder about the pasts of some of my classmates! Also interesting is the Irish people’s view on children’s responsibilities, it sounds pretty similar to how it is in America.
    I see some bike racks in the first picture, how often do people bike in Ireland?

    It’s fun to see how similar but different Ireland is to the U.S.!

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