What is Irish? Can you guess?

I took all of the photographs below, but half of them were taken today on the west coast of Ireland, and half were taken on other travels. Can you guess which one is Irish for each pair of photos?

Category #1: Cliffs ~ Which of these photos was taken near Kilkee on the southwest coast of Ireland? The other is from Uluwatu, Bali in Indonesia.


Cliff Photo A

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.17.09 AM

Cliff Photo B

Category #2: Horses ~ Which of these photos shows an Irish horse? The other one shows a scene of horsing around in Iceland.

Two Horses

Horse Photo A


Horse Photo B

Category #3: Beach ~ Which of these photos was taken today on Fanore Beach? The other one is a beach on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.


Beach Photo A

Beach 2.png

Beach Photo B

Category #4: Rocks ~ Which of these photos was taken today in the rocky area of Ireland known as the Burren? The other one is from the Matopos Hills of Zimbabwe.

Rocks Balanced

Rocks Photo A


Rocks Photo B

Category #5: Houses ~ Which of these photos was taken today while visiting a friend of Victor’s in a residential neighborhood near Galway? The other one is a photo taken in my home state of Massachusetts.


Houses Photo A


Houses Photo B

Category #6: Flowers ~ Which of these photos was taken today at Loop Head on the coast of Ireland? The other one was taken in Hokkaido, Japan.


Flowers Photo A


Flowers Photo B

How did you do? Scroll down to find out the answers!




  1. Cliffs: A was taken in Indonesia. B was taken in Ireland.
  2. Horses: A was taken in Ireland. B was taken in Iceland.
  3. Beach:A was taken in Ireland. B was taken in the Dominican Republic.
  4. Rocks: A was taken in Zimbabwe. B was taken in Ireland.
  5. Houses: A was taken in Ireland. B was taken in Massachusetts.
  6. Flowers: A was taken in Japan. B was taken in Ireland.


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  1. Okay, I haven’t looked at the answers yet… but my responses are below:

    1) Cliff Photo B is Irish, Cliff Photo A is from Bali.
    2) Horse Photo A is Irish, Horse Photo B is from Iceland.
    3) Beach Photo A is Irish, Beach Photo B is from the Dominican Republic.
    4) Rocks Photo B is Irish, Rocks Photo A is from Zimbabwe.
    5) Houses Photo A is Irish, Houses Photo B is from Massachusetts.
    6) Flowers Photo A is Irish, Flowers Photo B is from Japan.

    This was fun!! 🙂 I wonder if I got any right?

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