8 Reasons to Visit Uluwatu if you go to Bali

1. Uluwatu is a sea temple in a stunningly beautiful location.


2. It was built in the 11th century, long before the United States of America even existed. If you look carefully at the photo below, you might see a little friend of mine, Loki.


3. It’s fun to watch the monkeys there!

Monkey at UluwatuHe looks cute right? Don’t be fooled. These guys steal people’s sunglasses and phones. You’ve just got to watch your things, and don’t get too close. Maybe they just like things that are shiny, or maybe someone will try to bribe them with fruit to get their belongings back.

4. It felt amazing to be there surrounded by visitors from all over the world. When visiting the temple, everyone wears a purple sarong or yellow sash provided by the temple staff, for modesty (not showing your knees). It was great to be surrounded by other guests, all in the same outfit, enjoying this spectacular place.


5. It’s so peaceful to watch the waves crash from up above.

6. If you stay for sunset, you can watch a traditional show in the most awesome location, as the sun sets behind the stage. Note the stadium seating behind me in this photo:

Me at Uluwatu

7. Kecak is a form of dance and music where the musicians create all the sounds with their mouths. Very impressive. This show also told a Hindu story of the capture of Sita, and her husband Rama’s rescue.

8. My favorite part of the show was watching Hanoman, the Monkey King. He was very funny, and acted just like the real monkeys, climbing into the audience and stealing people’s sunglasses. He also performed some fire dancing, kicking balls of fire with his bare feet!

All in all, Uluwatu should definitely be on anyone’s list for things to do when visiting Bali. While you’re in the area, stop by Padang Padang Beach and then get fresh fish right on the beach in Jimbaran too.

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  1. Uluwatu has such a beautiful view! It’s interesting how it was built so long ago. I wonder what its history is…
    And yes, the monkey does look cute 🙂 Although it is surprising that they steal things from people. The dances are neat too! The fact that they use their voices to make all the sounds is almost like an a cappella 🙂


  2. Uluwau is so beautiful, and it is hard to beilive that it is so old, seeing that it looks so modern. From the pictures and videos, it looks like they were very in touch with nature, and had traditions to show it.

    • Hi Matt! Yes, they are very in touch with nature. I like to see all those traditions. I guess we have some too, in America, that show our connection to nature. Things like Christmas trees and outdoor BBQs for the Fourth of July. Hope you are having a great summer with lots of adventures!

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