Irish Culture Part One: Wanderings in Cork

Popular BandBack at school, my students got a chance to ask questions for me to bring to Ireland. Some asked me to film them asking their question, while others decided to write it up on paper. popular songsToday, I had some time to wander around the city of Cork and find some answers. First, I found my way into a cute little record shop where there was a mini-concert going on! Another customer in the store was able to provide a first answer.


Records and Relics

Next, I headed towards a big market selling all sorts of local produce. On the way, I passed a table of volunteers who were offering to teach people about their religion, Islam.DiscoverIslam Table

I stopped and chatted with them, of course! They were very friendly and offered me free books and pamphlets to bring home to the classroom. One of the guys agreed to answer one of the student questions, but because he was not born in Ireland, he gave multiple answers:

Finally, I went into a cafe to get a hot chocolate. It was a special kind, where I got to melt the chocolate into a glass of warm milk. Yum! While there, I met a new young friend who helped with a last question of the day.

It was a lot of fun to get some of these questions answered! Tomorrow will be a packed day of balloon twisting at a festival, but I have lots more research to do in the coming days.

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