Local food + Sun + Balloons = Packed Irish Festival

Today, we spent the day at the West Waterford Food Festival in Dungarvan. We were there from 10 am to 6 pm — a very long day! There were many local and international foods, and there were MANY balloons. I didn’t take many photos, but here are some highlights:

1. It was a sunny day (not very common in Ireland), so the festival was packed!

Gaelic2. I got to see a young girl singing in Gaelic, which is a funny sounding language. Most people in Ireland speak English, but there are small pockets where they speak Gaelic. People want to preserve this language, so they print modern books in Gaelic, have a Gaelic radio station, and teach it in schools. I find it fun to listen to the way it sounds!

3. I got to watch Victor balloon twisting in action. He works full time as a balloon artist and entertainer, and I can see why he is so successful. I learn so much from watching him!VictorBalloon Twisting at Food Festival

4. So much local food! My favorite was this apple juice that tasted different than any I’ve ever had. It was so fresh, like drinking an apple. They have different varieties made from different types of apples. Some are more sweet and some are more sour. All were delicious.

Apple Juice

5. Random bonus — I have no idea why, there was a man at the festival with an owl on his shoulder. I loved checking it out up close. What a cutie!

There are more stories to tell, such as when I bled all over a balloon shark, making it look VERY authentic. If you know me, you’ll have to hear that one in person, because right now I am exhausted and ready for bed. (But don’t worry — it wasn’t a true shark attack, and anyway, I survived!)

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  1. What a wonderful festival! I’m glad to hear that you had a great time!
    The Gaelic sounded really cool; I’ve always wanted to hear what Gaelic sounded like. Was Gaelic the first language of the Irish? How old is the language? It’s good to know that people are trying to preserve it.
    Also, Victor’s monkey is very cute! How did the booth go?
    It’s cool how the apple juice there is so fresh! Wouldn’t it be great if all juice were like that? And I agree, that owl is very cute!! Perhaps the owl comes from Hogwarts? 😉
    Also, I am intrigued by your shark attack story (and happy to know that you survived haha!) ; maybe we could talk about it at a future meeting!

    Can’t wait to hear more!

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